Welcome! What’s This All About?

Thanks for stopping by! Glad you could make it. My name is Tom Nagy and I’m a plant and fungi enthusiast, writer, environmental consultant, educator and citizen scientist. Labels aside, I am simply a curious and inquisitive human who loves to learn new things and wants to share and give back to the world however I can.

What’s Going on Here?

My specialty and main area of interest tends to focus on the fascinating and inherently interconnected worlds of botany and mycology, and how these two kingdoms of life not only interact with one another but how they are relevant and why they are important to all of us. Your two new words of the day are ethnobotany and ethnomycology: the study of how plants and fungi have impacted and continue to influence the evolution of our local cultures.

As far as mission statements go I want everyone to learn about and appreciate how plants and fungi can be used as a conduit for creating ecologically sound and interconnected communities on a local and global level that will remain sustainable and resilient well into the future. This is basically what I intent Barefood Foods to become: an online repository and real-world community where we can share, discover and learn about the intimacies of our connections with the natural world together and support one another.

What Kind of Foods?

My articles tend to focus on how to safely and successfully forage for and propagate wild edible & medicinal plants and fungi as well as cultivate ecologically diverse edible & medicinal landscapes inspired by observing and studying the complexities of natural ecosystems. I also dive into a whole host of other relevant subject matter including home brewing using medicinal plants and fungi as well as exploring my perspective on the world around me through art and photography.

So what do you think about all that? Sound like a journey that you may considering joining or participating in? I really hope so. If you’re eager to get going then you can check out all of my blog posts over on the Blog Page where I also share relevant and informative articles from across cyberspace that I come across from time to time.

Public Programming

If you’re eager to learn and like to do so in a more personal and hands-on environment, I’d love to meet and connect with you! I facilitate workshops, plant walks and deliver lectures on many of the subjects that I write about. I’m also available for booking private events and workshops for intimate learning sessions or consultations. If you’d like to learn more, head on over to the Programs Page to see if there’s something that I’m doing that piques your interest.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for now! Thanks for hearing me out.